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In the world of online marketing, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to create leads and ultimately generate more revenue. Currently, there is lots of great technology available to help marketers make the most out of their email strategies. Understanding the power of email, and combining it with a flexible business model will certainly underpin the success of a business.

Email is a very effective way of directly contacting customers and potential customers. Many times, the email that these individuals give out will be their personal or business email. Thus, it will be very likely that they check it very regularly. This is a good and bad thing. It is good for those that understand the intricacies of using email for marketing, and it is bad for those that don't.

Considering that email is a very personal medium of communication, it is important for marketers not to make their emails spammy. The best way to judge how to go about an email strategy is to look at it from the customer's point of view. Customers and potential customers usually don't enjoy being emailed 10 times a day about the same offer. Furthermore, they probably don't enjoy emails written in all capital letters with annoying images.

It's for this reason that a successful email marketing strategy will include emailing leads, at most, a few times a week. This is a very important rule of thumb that should not be infringed unless there is a very specific situation that calls for it, such as the case of a daily newsletter. However, for all other purposes, it is important not to bombard leads with email. Having a few well thought out and concise emails sent a few times throughout the week will create much better results than email bombardment.

Furthermore, when it comes to email marketing, content is always key. Generally, for most businesses, it is important for an email to include only one or two specific offers. Having an email containing over ten offers may overwhelm the reader. Also, they may not have the time to digest such a large amount of offers. Many people don't have time to look at emails for prolonged periods of time. Thus, the offers should be written out clearly, concisely and straight to the point. Those receiving the email will appreciate such a gesture as they will understand the point of the email without wasting their time trying to decipher it.

Email marketing can be very tricky, and one mistake can cause serious problems. However, by using general rules that have been presented in this article, a marketer will be sure to create a highly effective email strategy. Making sure that the emails aren't too long, too frequent or too spammy will ensure in making leads happy. Many of the top marketers follow the advice given in this article and have been able to accumulate large amounts of revenue thanks to it.

What We Offer!

Global West Marketing Group offers our email marketing expertise to our clients. We are able to set up campaigns for you and target specific emails that would want your business. We also have a secret state of the art software that will let us send emails out, track if someone opens it and find out if there buying into your product or service. We are able to tell you the "LTV" which stands for Long Term Value. After we have tracked these emails we have sent out, we can tell you the "LTV" of that specific email to find out if that lead or "email" is worth the hassle to keep pursuing. You will be able to tell how much that email or lead will bring you in long term. We can also sequence your emails, which means we can set up multiple emails to go out in a sequence, for

You will be able to tell how much that email or lead will bring you in the long run. We can also sequence your emails, which means we can set up multiple emails to go out in a sequence, for example, every 2 to 3 days a follow-up email will be sent, not the exact email either, it will be different but selling the same essentially.

Let's face it nobody likes getting a couple emails a day from the same person trying to sell the same thing. Now because we can track these emails we will be able to see if the sequence of emails has, lead them to your service or product to purchase and if it hasn't we can redirect them to something else that you might be selling.

Email Marketing is changing the game for how businesses scale their sales to new heights. A lot of business owners think that they might have hit a wall on how much they can scale up and grow, THIS IS SO WRONG! We have seen some business go from 1 million a year to 5 million a year just with email marketing.

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