October 27, 2016

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Digital Services


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)$750.00 + / month

SEO allows your website to come to the top of the search engines organic results for your desired keyword.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - $ / month

SEM (Adwords) allows us to reach potential customers during the research or decision-making stage.

Video Reviews & Mini Commercials - $250.00 - $350.00 / one time payment

Reviews are key to most businesses that provide services. Video reviews can turn potential customers into customers. We can create a professional looking video review to share on social or put on your website.

Mini commercials allow us to catch the viewers eye quickly. Great for social media ads and campaigns. We can create a sharp mini commercial for you that suites your business or promotion(s).

Social Media Management (SMM) - $997.00 + / month

Our service allows you to not touch your social media online and let us do the work for you. We create branding stories, email funnels, website optimization, social media ad campaigns and high-quality posts that engage and attracts your audience.

Web Design & Maintenance - $1399.00 + / $250 month

We can create, design and maintain a stunning website for your business or idea! As an added bonus we will also set up your website so it's search engine optimization friendly.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing - $ / month

These campaigns will utilize targeted Facebook and Instagram advertisements to drive prospects to your website.

YouTube Video Marketing & Ranking - $350.00 + / month

Global West Marketing Group will execute a YouTube Campaign, helping to raise awareness of your brand among your targeted audience. YouTube ranking allows your video to be in the top search results for your desired keywords on YouTube and Google.

Email Marketing & Targeting - $ / month

Global West Marketing Group will work with you to set up a funnel campaign to collect prospect or potential customer emails. This allows us to re-market to your collected email list.

Logos, Brochures & Business Cards - $ / one time

We can help you design custom logo(s), brochures, posters, sandwich boards, banners and business cards. Our design is done in house so you know your getting quality and originality.

Reporting - $0 (Added Value)

For all Global West Marketing Group clients, we provide fantastic analytics and insight on all digital marketing campaigns.


Our search engine optimization projects (video & websites) are based on keyword difficulty.  For example if you where looking to rank on page number 1 in Google for "Plumber Vancouver" that keyword is about 60% difficulty to rank within Google.  We take that 60% and divide it in half to give us a ballpark of your monthly payment. This gives a guide line of what it's going to take to rank you number 1 for that keyword.

So for "Plumber Vancouver" the monthly payment would be anywhere between $2000 and $3000 per month. A keyword with high difficulty will take approximately 3 to 8 months to bring to the first page, depending on other factors as well. The difference in our work is that our ranking stick for good. Other companies will tell they can rank you in a month or two which they will but.....you will lose those rankings within months. You get what you pay for.

It sounds like a lot to spend on advertising right? If you were to spend that kind of money on SEO what would it get you right? Over 6 to 8 months would be around 20k on SEO for a difficult keyword. Let's break down the possibilities for a second... for example let's say "Plumbers Vancouver" gets searched organically 100-1000 times a month.

If your business was in the top ten search results you would get at least 20% of that organic traffic. If you closed only 10% and each customer was worth $500 a sale that is an extra $50,000 per month from your investment. Yes in the beginning the payment might seem much but the ROI when we reach the goal is incredible. We lay everything out for you like a map so you can see the potential of your investment.


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