April 2, 2016

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Take the hassle out of Social Media Management and let Global West Marketing Group do the work for you. No contracts and monthly payments that you can afford and cancel at any time.

What You Get With Your Free Account.


You will get access to your very own social media dashboard that includes options of connecting Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all within your dashboard. You can try the pro account for 14-days free of charge. At the end of the 14-days, you will still have access to your account but you just won't have the features of the pro account.


You will be able to post everything to your platforms within the dashboard. You can edit, delete or add posts of your own content at anytime you like. There are templates and banners you can create and post right to your social accounts. There is also an option to search for popular and trending articles or posts to share on your accounts. You will be able to see upcoming scheduled posts and edit them at your fingertips, plus many more features.

What You Get With Our Content Writing Services.

Pro Account

Once you sign up for a pro account, you will be able to order content if you choose. You have the option of paying for the pro account and using the dashboard yourself or ordering content on your selected platforms and letting us do all the work.

What We Offer

We offer to manage and write your content for you, our content is top notch and professional, you will be able to see everything that we are posting inside your dashboard. You can still post your own content, edit or delete ours, you have full control. We post 5 to 7 days ahead of time, there is a schedule inside your dashboard where you can see all the post ahead of time. Choose from our 3 platform packages, you can cancel at anytime you like if you are not happy with the content writing service, but we have a good feeling you are going to love it.

What You Can Expect From Us

You will be asked to fill out a business profile which you will find inside your member login area. Based on the answers that you provide and the website you can expect to receive the following included within the content from us (assuming that you have provided the information):

*Core sales messages about your business. Who you are, what you do, where you do what you do etc.

*Testimonials about your company.

*Awards and accreditations that you might have.

*Promotion of specific products or services that you may want us to focus on more than others that you supply.

*Links to your YouTube channel and videos within it.

*Relevant hashtags to encourage new traffic and followers.

*URL links back to their website to drive traffic.

*The tone of the content will be aimed at the target audience.

*Hints, tips, facts and trivia about the industry that you are in or relevant to the products and services that you are selling.

*You can expect us to either use images you have supplied or we will purchase some stock photography images that are relevant to your company. We will insert this image into a branded template that gets scheduled into the content.  You can expect up to three images per week. If you would like to see examples please let us know.

*Generic filler tweets – these are optional and are not relevant to your industry.

*Content scheduled across five days of the week – you can decide which days you want content scheduled.

What You Will Not Be Getting From Us

*Anything to do with short-lived promotions.

*Constantly monitoring a blog and scheduling new blog items as they appear. We will link to blog pages and blog items but do not schedule content for new blogs daily or weekly.

*Scheduling content from the RSS news feeds. This is a fabulous tool that is for you to use to schedule industry related news items into your social media feeds.

*Things that are happening in the news right now, no matter how relevant to the business/industry.

*Tweaking stock photography images to match your brand.

*Reactions to comments or questions on your news feeds.

*Targeting new followers on your social media feeds. You will see an increase in your followers/likes organically or you can use the documents we have provided that explain in detail how to grow a follower list on Twitter or increase exposure on Facebook.

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Included is a Free 14-day trial of the pro account.

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If you want to get started with one of our content writing and managing services, please purchase and activate your monthly pro account, then come back here to order your monthly content service. Once payment is received, you will finish the rest of your profile inside your dashboard and BOOM! we start your content ASAP. You can then have no worries knowing your social media is on track and taken care of. It's that easy!

What We Can Do For You

Social Media Management Vancouver is changing the game for business. Global West Marketing Group can create and manage your social profiles to get you on the move and on track.

We offer several packages where we will Tweet, Facebook Post or LinkedIn post every day for you with great content. You will have access to a dashboard that you can log into, and see the posts we are putting out, edit or add any post that you want. Social Media Management is growing at a rapid pace these days, we can harness the power of social media which is basically free traffic and drive them over to your business.

Managing Social Media is time-consuming and can be a headache to stay on top of every day, especially if you are trying to run a business. We are able to post specific content that is more appealing for people to take an interest in your business. Social Media Management is still fairly new to most businesses, most business owners don't think social media is worth the trouble or maybe it doesn't seem that important to their business, or it's just too expensive and not in the advertising budget. With the amount of people in Vancouver and around the world on social media, creating new accounts every day is basically free traffic. If you can move this free traffic to your business, it is becoming one of the most powerful tools to get you recognized on a local, national and international level. Every business needs at least a Facebook page a Twitter Page or a LinkedIn profile, these three are the top platforms for Social Media and should not be ignored for your business.

If you are on a budget and don't want to spend a ton on SEO or a video to boost your business, then social media management is a great start for you. With our social media packages, you can start on a small budget to get started and let us do the rest. If you are not taking advantage of the huge free traffic market "Social Media" then you are leaving money on the table and potential customers.


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Content Writing Packages

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Single Platform

Choose one of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

We will post 3 to 4 daily tweets & 3 weekly image tweets or 2 daily facebook post & 3 weekly image posts or 2 daily LinkedIn updates on your selected social platform.

Double Platform

Choose Two of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

We will post 3 to 4 daily tweets & 3 weekly image tweets or 2 daily facebook post & 3 weekly image posts or 2 daily LinkedIn updates on your selected social platforms.

Triple Platform

Get All Three Social Platforms Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

We will post 3 to 4 daily tweets & 3 weekly image tweets & 2 daily facebook post & 3 weekly image posts & 2 daily LinkedIn updates.

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