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Welcome and greetings from Global West Marketing Group,  we are a Vancouver SEO agency that you can rely on to get you the results you are looking for. You will find our list of services we offer below. If you are interested in our services we kindly ask you to go to our SERVICE REQUEST FORM and we can get started!

Our Services


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Estimated Price Range:

$1000 - $5000 per month

SEO or aka Search Engine Optimization is an extremely powerful way to put your website on page one for your keywords. It drives more traffic and customers to your business without having to pay a fortune for ads that bring next to nothing, you need TRAFFIC!.

As a proud Vancouver SEO agency, we can push your website to the top and 10x your business. We find if your website has age and healthy backlinks already, we can push you up to the top quicker than if you are a brand new site, new sites typically take anywhere from 6-8 months even a year depending on the difficulty to get you on page 1 and stay on page 1. You must gain the trust with google first before throwing a ton of power to your site to starting moving up. A lot of businesses don't realize how much money is lost by not being on the first page in the search results for your keywords. Thousands of dollars are left behind because your competitors are simply ranking better than you for certain terms. Global West Marketing Group can help you generate more customers and more revenue so your business can scale quickly, and you can actually just focus on running your business.



Video Domination


*Every Video is quoted and priced differently depending on the keyword difficulty to rank you on page 1.*

  • Video Domination Package #1 - (Start at $150 for your first review video) We will create a sharp & stunning review video and rank the video in Youtube & Google. Monthly services available for video review commercials & ranking.
  • Video Domination Package #2 - (Estimated $250- $1500 mth) Includes ranking your video on youtube and google. Targeting your selected keyword with tracking and status report of position and stats.
  • Video Domination Package #3 - (Estimated $500-$2500 mth) Includes email marketing your video to targeting leads that are looking for your services. You will get a status report with data providing who has opened, deleted, responded and what the long term value of the email is worth. This also includes ranking your video on youtube and google as well.


Videos are becoming the way we interact with everything these days product, services, training etc. Did you know that it is 53% easier to rank a video than a website in the search engines? We highly recommend your business has a video to promote and show your product or services.




Content Writing Service


Sign up for a FREE account today, Choose from one of our 3 social media content writing packages. We offer to manage your social profiles to get you known in your market or even around the world. Social Media is still fairly new to the business world, and what a lot of them don't realize is how much power social media management can help your business grow to the masses.

Think of it like you are in a massive stadium that holds hundreds of thousands of people, and you get to show off your product or service in front of these people. Now times that by a million because Facebook can reach literally millions of people in hours, and a lot of businesses do not take advantage of the massive social platforms....IT'S FREE TRAFFIC!



Email Marketing

Estimated Price Range:

$250 to $1500 per month

*We offer email marketing campaign packages ranging from 3 months, 6 months to 1-year terms.*

Global West Marketing Group can handle all your email campaigns with no headaches of wondering if those emails are actually reaching people and continue to bring in more paying customers.

We are able to send and track your email campaigns to see if your leads have opened the email and clicked on the product or service to purchase. We simply send out a set amount of emails per day, every day of your contract to attract new customers.

We can send out approx 300 plus emails per month to a targeted audience for you, now if a quarter of that number buys from you, would that be worth your monthly payment? Especially if you could tell what those emails would be worth over a long period of time!. Now times that by 12, by the end of the year you could have hundreds of new customers and repeat customers coming to your business.  We can target people that are actually interested or want to purchase your product or service.



Get Mobile-Friendly

Estimated Price Range:

$250-500 single payment

Get your website mobile-friendly with Global West Marketing Group. We offer to get your website mobile-friendly so you don't lose customers in a hurry. If your website is not suited for a mobile device, it is more than likely your potential customer will bounce fairly quickly if it's not user-friendly. A lot of businesses don't realize how important this really is. Since 2014 mobile users are surpassing desktop users by a lot and it's not going to stop anytime soon. Find how we can help you get mobile-friendly today!



WordPress Web Design

Discover how you can get a clean and sharp looking website done by our experts. We have 4 different packages to choose from, our lowest starter package starting at $1899 has tons of features to get a good bang for your buck. We will give you a responsive and stunning looking website that can convert and keep customers coming back. We aim for customer satisfaction in all of our designs. You will have full access to your WordPress to add or edit your content once we've finished.




Vancouver SEO agencies are all trying to do the same thing, they get you to opt into their service to show you results and make you more money. Sounds pretty good right!? Well, a lot of these companies try to sell you big in the beginning just to get you in and don't get us wrong the results are great in the beginning, but what about 6 months, 1 year even 2 years from sign up how will the results be then?? At Global West Marketing Group we like to have a long-lasting relationship with our clients because once we get you to page 1, you stay there. With our methods and techniques, we are so confident we can rank just about anything with the right amount of time. We hope you enjoy our site and hope to be hearing from you soon.

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