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Videos are how we interact with a lot of things these days, and it's only going to get more popular, heck it already is. Ask yourself how many times you have you been scrolling facebook or some social media platform and clicked on a video you were curious about or interested in?? One single video can produce an incredible amount of traffic and sales it's unbelievable.

Global West Marketing Group offers a lot when it comes to videos. We take pride in creating a stunning and sharp looking video that will attract a targeted audience to your business. We will take your video and rank it number one and stay number one with our proven methods and techniques. Below is a list of what we offer.

 Our Video Services

Video Creation

(Estimates Range From - $1250 to $5000/m)

Leave everything to us! We offer to create a video from scratch for your business. We can design and create a 30 second to a 1-minute eye-catching video that will attract customers to your service or product. With our video equipment and top of the line video editing software, we are able to create some stunning videos that our clients appreciate and use for the long term.

Video Ranking & Management

(Estimates Range From -$1500 to $5000/m)

We can rank you video like a rocket into outer space. Whether you get a video created by us or maybe you have an existing video that is just sitting there not making you MONEY! We offer to take your video and rank it #1 in google and youtube and that's a guarantee! We will find a keyword to rank for which is targeted to your audience. We see a huge amount of increase in sales from clients using video as their sales funnel. The more money you spend on ranking the faster we can get it to #1.

Video Touch Ups

(Estimates Range From - $500-$1000/m)

If you have an existing video that just isn't doing its justice, we can help. We offer to take an existing video and use our expert editing skills to touch it up to get the video looking sharp and professional for the world to see.