Video Ranking & Marketing


We Guarantee your video page #1 on Youtube & Google.

Video Ranking & Marketing


Video ranking & marketing can be extremely beneficial to a business. It showcases the visual of the business in front of people that are actually looking for your services. Videos are how we interact with a lot of things these days, and it's only going to get more popular, heck it already is. Ask yourself how many times you have you been scrolling through facebook or some social media platform and clicked on a video you were curious about or interested in?? One single video can produce an incredible amount of traffic and sales it's unbelievable.

Global West Marketing Group offers a lot when it comes to videos. We aim to put your video in the top spot and show you the search volume for your targeted keyword. With knowing the search volume ahead of time, we will know how many potential visitors you can get to your video. Our goal is to take your video and rank it for page 1 within Youtube and Google and stay number one with our proven methods and techniques. Check out our two video ranking & marketing packages, we offer hassle free monthly payments that you can cancel at any time. Please fill out our service request form for a quote on your video. Global West Marketing Group.

Video Marketing Package #1

(Estimates Range From -$250 to $1500/mth)

We offer to take your video and rank it #1 in google and youtube and that's a guarantee! We will work together to find a keyword to rank for which is targeted to your audience. We see a huge amount of increase in sales from clients using video as their sales funnel. The more money you spend on ranking the faster we can get it to #1. Includes data and stats of video progression. 


Video Marketing Package #2

(Estimates Range From - $500-$2500/mth)

We offer to find you targeted emails that are looking for your services. We then attach your video youtube link in the email to gain views and exposure. Email marketing is one of the greatest ways to scale any business. It is one of the most powerful tools out there for getting in touch with the right people that actually want your business. This also includes ranking your video on youtube and google with stats and data.