April 26, 2017

Web Design Order Form

Welcome To The Web Design Order Page

Greetings! you are an order form away from getting your web design started. We kindly ask you to fill out the form to gather some information before we get started. Your information is 100% confidential to us and strictly between you and Global West Marketing Group. 

We specialize in WordPress themes and applications for web design. We will be using WordPress for your website. WordPress is a wonderful back office editing tool that is easy for our clients to access and also works extremely well with the search engines, desktop, and mobile devices.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48hrs. We will view your information and send you a quote along with a scheduled time to discuss your website design. Every website quote is different depending on the complexity of the design.


Order Form

  • *Only required if you already have a domain or you are interested in a Re-Design*
  • Maintenance requires a small monthly retainer fee (approx $150 - $250). Global West Marketing Group will monitor updates, security and add content and pictures whenever needed. The client will have access to there website to perform these tasks as well if no maintenance is needed.
  • WordPress is the backend or the body of your website. This is where we will build your website. WordPress is easy to understand for the client, is google friendly, social media friendly and lots of other great features.
  • We use Godaddy as a register for domains. If you are setting up a new website you will need to register your domain somewhere. You can either have the website in our account and you will have complete access or set up your own and grant us access.
  • Choose multiple if applicable.