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5 Essential Web Design Tips

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Websites are unable to succeed on only thought-provoking content or compelling designs. Your website needs a specific and unique style that will feed into the website’s functionality, user experience and be simple to understand from the very first glance. Global West Marketing Group provides a superior web design and development service. We lay everything out like a blueprint before you spend a penny. Here are 5 essential web design tips to make sure you are on the right path and that you’re attracting the right customers to your site.

1. Make Sure Your Home Page Is Free Of Clutter

Most visitors will rarely ever read each word on your website. Instead they usually quickly scan the pages picking out sentences and keywords. With this in mind, it is a better approach to appeal to the emotions of your visitors opposed to word count. The Calls to Action and Text are still necessary, but rather break these up into legible paragraphs of larger subheadings. It is also advisable to use icons or images as the alternative way in which to communicate your ideas.

2. Design Your Website With Visual Hierarchy In Mind

With smartphones and computer screens as the latest technology in which to display information that is constantly evolving. It is a designer’s role to make sure the content is arranged in a very clear manner. You only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of new visitors. When you have successfully established a very clear hierarchy when it comes to your information, visitors will unconsciously follow breadcrumbs you leave them. From here apply spacing, size, contrast, and color to increase accentuation, making sure you maintain what draws attention to the page, ensuring that it is always intentional.

3. Create Website Content That Is Easy To Read

One of the more important web design tools has to do with “readability” which is the measurement of how simple it is for readers to recognize phrases, sentences, and words. When the readability on your site is high, users are able to quickly scan the site and absorb information in the form of text in an easy manner.

4. Make Sure Your Website Is Simple To Navigate

Avoid sending visitors to your site on a wild-goose chase when they land on your site. The sites with solid navigation are what assists the search engines in indexing the content, while at the same time improving the experiences for visitors to the site.

5. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

The mobile society that we live in, makes it vital to be asking the question “What do visitors see when they are accessing your website on a mobile device.” When you use Wix, it will automatically create a “mobile-friendly version” of your website, which will keep you updated within the mobile world. Make sure you look at the perspective of your users, in the way of testing all your pages, user actions, and buttons. We recommend WordPress for your website, which is also great for mobile users.


Web design surrey companies are competitive and have great rates for web design. Global West Marketing Group goes above and beyond with our clients and always looks to over deliver. We assure your satisfied with your website investment and we can give you a great overall experience. When it comes to effective and successful web design Global West Marketing Group drives excellence. Contact us today and get a quote for your website.

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We help you obtain more business online by developing as well as constructing terrific websites. As well as offering essential online advertising services. Global West Marketing Group carries out a structured technique, which indicates we offer you the top quality and also creative thinking of a full-service online web design surrey agency. Our experienced developers will ensure that your business looks excellent online. Our marketing experts will make sure that your brand obtains the direct exposure to build consumer awareness and also drive sales.

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We’re a friendly, approachable as well as incredibly well-informed website design company. Our web layout solutions are without a doubt going to exceed your expectations. We make use of an information driven web layout technique and offer detailed website assistance packages.


With over 10 years’ experience, we have the understanding, skill and patients to supply top-tier outcomes. Our internal group of imaginative and also ingenious online specialists can provide websites, internet marketing remedies, as well as much more.

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